Dec 14 2012

Minted Wedding Inspiration Board

If you are a paper lover, you probably have heard of If you haven’t, then I highly recommend you checking out their site. Like. RIGHT. NOW. Many different designers, including myself, contribute to the gorgeous collection of stationery that they sell. From invitations to holiday cards, and now even party decor and art prints, they’ve got you covered.

Minted is currently running a weekly contest for Wedding Inspiration Boards until January 7th, with two weekly winners receiving a $200 credit towards their next purchase. So OF COURSE I had to enter!

Below is the board that I entered. It’s based off of my latest wedding invitation design for Minted (which should be added to their site for sale soon!), along with images from Curt’s and my wedding last year. Our colors were coral, mint and marigold, which seems to be the color trend for weddings in 2013! The wedding photos were taken by the lovely Ashley Rose, and more photos from the wedding can be seen on Green Wedding Shoes here: Part 1 + Part 2.

Minted Wedding Inspiration Board by CRAFTEdesign, see more Minted


Are you coveting some of the paper goods on Minted’s site? Get in on this action for your chance to win! Good luck!

Jul 18 2012

Minted Holiday Party Invitation Challenge

Happy hump day (a.k.a. Wednesday), friends! I’m about to hit the freeway and head an hour up North to spend the day with my mama (YAY!), but before I brave the 405, I wanted to share my latest design entry for Minted’s Holiday Party Invitation Challenge! Voting has started today, so take a moment to check out the entries and vote for your favorites. There are some really clever ones and a ton of great designs!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! I can’t believe Curtis and I only have 2 weeks left in our Santa Monica apartment… and no, we still haven’t started packing yet!! I know – I’m so behind on this moving thing!! Looks like this weekend will be filled with moving boxes, insane amounts of dust bunnies (have you ever looked under your bed? Yeah, not pretty!), and sharpie pens.

Time to Break Out the Eggnog

Jul 13 2012

Friday Signtacular: The Ace Hotel Palm Springs

ACE – The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, CA

It’s Friday!! YEEEEESSSSSSSS!! And considering it started raining in Santa Monica last night (ummm… hello!? It’s the middle of July!! Why is it raining?!), I’m dreaming of this place and its glorious sign. A Palm Springs weekend jaunt definitely needs to happen. ASAP.

Moving on… sorry I’ve been so MIA as of late! I recently accepted a job offer to work at an AMAZING company up in the bay area (woo hoo!!) – hence spending most of my time trying to clean out my garage (DISASTER ZONE) and closet (not quite as bad as the garage)… and haven’t had much time to post. I promise as soon as I get all settled up in San Francisco, I’ll get back on track with my craftiness! Just bear with me while my mind is filled with packing, cleaning and the general chaos that goes along with moving. Thanks. I appreciate it. If you’re curious about what I’ll be doing up North, I’ll be designing for the good folks at Wildfire Interactive. Check ’em out.

Enjoy your weekend, my lovelies!